Jason Farradane Award

Complete List of Winners

2007 Caroline Williams and the Intute community network
2006 University of Warwick Library for the development of The Learning Grid
2005 Michael Koenig, Founding Dean of the College of Information and Computer Science at Long Island University, for his Lifetime's Work of scientific enquiry in Library and Information Science
2004 Julia Chandler, Internet and Intranet Manager at the Department for International Development, for developing the government Intranet managers network
2003 London Metropolitan University and the TUC for the web site "The Union Makes Us Strong: TUC History Online"
2002 William Hann for the FreePint newsletter
2001 Professor Bruce Royan for SCRAN
2000 Jill Foster for her pioneering work in establishing the Mailbase discussion and distribution list
1999 Michael Keen for his Lifetime's Work in Information Retrieval
1998 Norman Wood and the EIRO Team of the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions Dublin, for their outstanding and original work on the European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO
1997 Newcastle University Library for the Development and Administration of the Newcastle Electronic Reference Desk -NERD
1996 The Higher Education Funding Council's Electronic Libraries Programme for innovation in the exploitation of IT in Higher Education Libraries
1995 Dennis Nicholson and the BUBL team for the development of the Bulletin Board for libraries
1994 Rita Marcella and colleagues at the School of Librarianship and Information Studies at Robert Gordon University for the development of their innovative Postgraduate Course in Information Analysis
1993 Peter Ingwersen in recognition of his services to Information Science
1992 European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working conditions, Dublin, for developing the series of European and Industrial Relations Glossaries
1991 Arnold Myers, Information Scientist, for contribution to information services with the international oil and gas industry
1990 Scottish Science Library, for the setting up of an important new library for Scotland
1989 Patricia Baird, Blaise Cronin, Noreen MacMarrow, University of Strathclyde, for work in the field of hypertext on producing an electronic conspectus on the life and times of the City of Glasgow
1988 No award -no nomination received before closing date
1987 Sandra Ward, Information Scientist, for work in raising the profile of industrial information services
1986 Phil Williams, academic and businessman, for contributions to making online searching more readily accessible to users
1985 Phil Holmes, for achievements in applying technological advances to library development especially in the development of BLAISE (British Library), and PEARL (Blackwell Technical Services)
1984 Jacqueline Welch, librarian at Wessex Medical Library, for contributions to the promotion of information science particularly within the field of medical information
1983 Karen Sparck-Jones, academic, for information science research, including automation classification and indexing, methods of testing and evaluation, weighting and relevance feedback
1982 Monty Hyams, businessman, Derwent Publications Ltd, for Developed Central Patents Index for patent searching
1981 William Wisswesser (USA), for work with chemical notation, giving his name to Wisswesser line notation (WLN)
1980 Michael Lynch, academic, Sheffield University, expert in chemical structure handling
1979 Jason Farradane, founder of the lIS and a cornerstone of information science teaching and research